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Dr. Mirka Wilderer

Chief Executive Officer
De Nora Water Technologies

Location: Centennial, CO
Founded: 1923
Industry: Water and Wastewater Treatment

Dr. Mirka Wilderer is recognized as one of the leading executives in the water industry as the CEO of De Nora Water Technologies, but it was the inspiration of her father, Professor Peter Wilderer, who has inspired her entrepreneurial approach. Joking that she has water running through her veins, Wilderer has an impressive career that expands over a timeline as an executive and
change leader for global organizations.

As the first female CEO of De Nora Water Technologies, a leader in disinfection and filtration technologies with a global footprint in the water industry, she has built strong relationships, expertise, and passion within her organization. Her external partners and key stakeholders surge toward profitability and growth for the company, according to her colleagues.

“Her personal mission is to lead business transformation by supporting and tapping into the individual strengths and talents of each employee to generate sustainable benefits for the greater good of society,” said her staff.

Wilderer facilitates cross-functional collaboration across a complex organization, but it’s her enthusiasm that drives excellence with the goal to achieve greatness for her team and herself.

“The challenges of the past year taught us that we must approach business with the mindset of resilience,
adaptability and continuous innovation,” said Wilderer. “As the new business-as-usual is a dynamic, unexpected and ever-evolving environment, we need to look for inspiration in unconventional places.”

This mindset and leadership style has allowed the company to excel by leveraging the disruptions of 2020
to generate a new energy in the company, leveraging augmented reality in serving the companies and establishing a virtual assistance platform. Her efforts and mindset have also led to recognition from Diversity MBA as a Top 100 Under 50 Executive and Emerging Leader, and One of the 20 Most Powerful Women in the Water Industry in 2020.

She’s not one to look for shortcuts of immediate gratification, said her colleagues. Instead, she believes
in empowering and leading by example, which is why she serves on CEO panels and most recently served as a fireside chat guest in a webinar hosted by SalesForce and Business Insider to discuss the accomplishments in driving digital transformation in the water space and pivoting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You need to push yourself not because it’s easy, but because it is hard,” said Wilderer. “Average is boring. Don’t strive to follow mainstream but instead stay true to your authentic self and become the best possible version of yourself.”

For continuing to stay true to her empowering style of
leadership, Wilderer has been named a Titan of industry

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"The challenges of the past year teach us that we must approach business with the mindset of resilience, adaptability and continuous innovation."