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David Bacon

Founder and CEO
BWBacon Group

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2001
Industry: Technology Staffing and Professional Services

David Bacon recognizes the opportunity to rise to the occasion and share his experiences of having overcome adversity.

He is incapable of being anything but positive and enthusiastic.

He looks to bring the best out of everyone.

And he is succeeding.

Bacon, Founder & CEO of BWBacon Group, a technical staffing and recruiting company, learned of his capabilities when working his first job at a professional software services company. In that role, he saw ways in which he could apply his experience with professional services to staffing, and in 2001, he started Better With Bacon, Inc. Then, in 2009, Bacon registered the trade name, BWBacon Group, under Better With Bacon, Inc., and started to build a new agency in his home basement. He said that rebranding and relaunching in the middle of a recession was not an easy task.

“Overhauling the company’s entire organizational structure and defining goals moving forward was intense, but rewarding,” he said.

The fruits of this labor revealed themselves through pulsating demand for recruitment and staff augmentation, and the company grew quickly due to strong increases in revenue from both the contract and full-time placement streams.

“This is an example of how the company is built to weather economic downturns, as much as thrive in upturns, in supporting both contract and full-time staffing needs,” Bacon said. “Facing challenges head-on has become a part of our nature, something we welcome and tackle with new ideas and resilience. Even today we face unprecedented challenges as we adapt to life with the Coronavirus.”

Bacon said that in a changing world that requires us to think differently, his vision has remained the same: To make recruitment a creative, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

And Bacon has his sights set on the future.

“In 2020, our leadership team grew and began envisioning long-term goals and changes in our organization that will help us be more effective and expand our business opportunities over time,” he said.

Positioning to grow in new areas outside of technology staffing by adding new verticals using shared systems and processes, Bacon is laying the foundational groundwork.

“The company will take these foundational changes forward, all the while incorporating a sense of adventure into what is possible with the BWBacon experience,” he said. “Investing in relationships is in our DNA, creating experiences and incorporating adventure into both staffing and into our partnerships will lead us to look and feel both the same and very different in the next 5 years.”

He added that there is an incredible importance for BWBacon in helping pioneer new programs for inclusion and equity in the recruiting space.

“Partnering with diverse voices from the local Colorado community, we are creating a programmatic diversity hiring strategy for our clients pursuing greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.” he said.

Described as an “undying flame of enthusiasm with a hunger to learn, create, connect, invent, and keep moving forward.” Highly involved in the entrepreneurial community with local chapters of both EO and YPO. Grateful to have been awarded with the Best of Client and Best of Talent Staffing Awards for Clearly Rated in 2019 and 2020, Bacon said that despite being a smaller company, BWBacon’s big presence in the Denver tech scene is generated from his team’s incredible energy, creative ideas, and a desire to better serve our clients. Additional awards and accolades include: #214 of the Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2013 from the Inc 5000, the 8th fastest growing company in Colorado and the 5th in HR companies in Colorado. In 2020, they were recognized as the winners of Colorado Business Magazine’s Top Company Award for Professional Services and featured in their September issue. Bacon has also participated or hosted many local entrepreneurial and fundraising events over the years, including: The Wright Awards with Something Independent, A Little Help, Bags of Fun, and Playing for Change. Additionally, the BWGiving program supports a fundamental tenet of the company: to support what matters most to the people that support us and create a virtuous circle of mutual support.

“BWBacon’s philanthropy and presence in the community has been an extraordinary opportunity for us to uplift other organizations, and get to know fellow Coloradans better,” Bacon said.

Needless to say, the BWBacon brand went from being novel and fun, a group of people that executes well, to a company to be reckoned with.

“It didn't just represent something we had done, but signified something we were onto,” Bacon said. “And for that, I am grateful.”

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Dave was on the ski patrol in CO back in the day! He absolutely loves to ski and had custom pairs of Icelantic pig/bacon themed skis made for his family that are truly original.