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Andrew Klosterman

Peak Beverage

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2012
Industry: Events Industry

A true entrepreneur at heart, Andrew Klosterman has always been thirsty for success.

Klosterman, founder and CEO, of the multi-milliondollar company, Peak Beverage, began his journey in the beverage and events industry at the age of 18. Always intrigued with the theory of libations, Klosterman’s hobby during and after college was to write and re-write business plans for a variety of beverage concepts. His hobby became his livelihood when he stumbled upon the idea of beverage catering. Knowing that he was on the rim of something great, Klosterman moved in 2012 with his fiancé, business partner, $2,000 in start-up money and the dream of making his mark – and quenching his thirst- in the beverage industry.

Today, Klosterman makes a toast to how the dedication of his team, under his leadership, has transformed how beverages are valued in the events industry of Colorado.

And according to Klosterman, the party has just begun.

“Our vision is to expand to other markets in the U.S. and to capitalize on our recent move to Denver’s RiNo neighborhood,” he said. “We hope to transform how beverage service at special events is perceived and known and take something that is typically seen as a “necessity” at events much more of a value add and an amazing experience for attendees of events.”

Now a dominant force in the beverage market, Klosterman knows the importance of being a leader in times of change.

“To lead through change starts with getting buy in from the team. Your team must support the change that is occurring and be kept in the loop and be dealt with as adults who will make informed decisions for themselves.”

And for Klosterman, this leadership model helped to maintain the success of Peak Beverage during 2020. Massively pivoting his business model to be involved with the rising delivery alcohol business, Klosterman also focused on virtual events including virtual wine tastings and whiskey pairings.

“2020 brought significant change to all our lives, and it was during this time that honesty and leading by example meant the most,” Klosterman said. “I measure success in leadership by how things run without the leader present. If the leader needs to constantly be involved and micromanage everything going on that is no way to build a sustainable team and achieve success.”

Based on the belief that empowering others, allowing others to make mistakes, and creating a culture of continuous learning and ownership is key to the ongoing growth of a company.

Prior to the 2020 pandemic, Klosterman was a founding Board Member of the Event Industries’ Colorado Event Alliance and led the charge in communicating and negotiating on behalf of the entire Colorado Events Industry. He served as the Policy Chair of the Colorado Event Alliance and became involved in national relief legislation and served as the executive director of the Live Events Coalition. Additionally, Klosterman was awarded the Up-and-Coming Supplier in Colorado in 2016 and the Best Supplier (CO Meetings and Events Magazine) in 2018. He has served as Off Premise Representative to the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division; Off Premise Representative to the Colorado Task Force for Drunk and Impaired Driving, Colorado State and Executive Director to the Live Events Coalition National Committee in Federal outreach including lobbying and advocacy for the Special Events Industry, and Chair of the Vaccine Development Committee within the Live Events Coalition.

Klosterman has remained an avid supporter of his industry, serving on several boards and leadership initiatives. He is a founding board member and Policy Chairman for the Colorado Event Alliance, representing Colorado’s Special Events industry to State and Federal Government. He has helped the events industry get back on its feet during the pandemic and helped an otherwise unrecognized industry gain a powerful voice within Colorado State Government at all levels.

Amid all his involvement and accolades, Klosterman is also quick to acknowledge that being a successful leader takes time and cannot be forced.

“Leadership must be learned just like everything else is learned - with ten thousand hours of continuous devotion to learning and improving yourself and those around you.” He added, “Pick a few role models living or dead and learn as much as you can about how they interacted with people and behaved in front and behind the public eye. Usually, the best leaders had the most honorable and unbelievable devotion to values that they never altered or betrayed. Take your time and I think anyone can learn to be an amazing leader.”

And to that, Andrew Klosterman, we raise our glasses.


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In College, Andrew made money during the summer as a gold miner, working in the hills of Northeast Nevada for 12-14 hour days months at a time to find gold and other valuable metals to make some extra cash!