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Amber McReynolds

Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer
National Vote at Home Institute

Location: Denver, CO
Founded: 2017
Industry: Democracy and voting reform

Amber McReynolds is truly for the people.

McReynolds, CEO of National Vote at Home Institute (NVAHI), aims to serve the people by making voting easy, safe, and secure. Her singular focus is on “the customer” with an emphasis on voting by mail. NVAHI is a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to making sure every American can vote in secure, safe, accessible, and equitable elections by expanding vote at-home systems in all 50 states. She worked in the Denver elections office from 2005-2019, producing significant results, all the while attracting attention from other state governments becoming a nationally recognized elections expert. This fueled her desire to share her expertise in a more concerted, effective way nationwide. In 2019, she stepped into her new role as CEO of the National Vote at Home Institute.

It was a natural progression, with her visionary leadership and passion for improving the voting experience for all voters across the nation. The National Vote at Home Institute was the ideal home for her.

“NVAHI works with election officials in optimizing their administration processes and governing laws for both mail ballot and in-person voting methods and works to remove legislative and administrative barriers to vote-at-home systems and educate the public on the benefits of voting at home while still preserving the ability to vote in person for those who may want or need it,” she said.

McReynolds and her team at the NVAHI have proudly supported the work of election officials to implement vote at home systems, robust ballot return options, and sufficient processing methods in battleground and heartland states alike. Building on the progress in 2020, her team of former election officials, policy experts, and communications professionals will continue into 2021 helping states and local jurisdictions create tailored solutions to improve their systems moving forward.

“This year has changed American election administration for generations, and I believe it will be for the better because it is led by the voters,” she said. “By solidifying gains made in mailed ballot administration and access, NVAHI can continue to improve the equitability and security of the nation’s election system, and the National Vote at Home Institute is uniquely positioned to be a leader for this cause into the future.”

McReynolds’ commitment and dedication have earned her an ongoing list of accolades and according to colleagues, she “does it all.” Currently, she is a Democracy Entrepreneur, Election Administration Expert & Innovator, Author, Speaker, and Civic Engagement Enthusiast, and was recently nominated to the USPS Board of Governors. Her speaking engagements and articles include: TEDx Mile High 2020 Speaker; Time Magazine; House Administration Committee; Colorado Sun; Innovating the Voter Experience, and RepresentUS. Her awards include: 2020 Top 25 Women in Business at Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce; 2018 Public Official of the Year- Governing Magazine; ICPS International Center for Parliamentary Studies - 2017 and 2015; EAC Clearie Award - 2017; Election Center Eagle’s Award for Technology - 2017; NACO Achievement Award - 2013, and the Michelle Burton Excellence in Election Service Award - 2015.

A secret to her leadership success, she said, is to have courage and be kind.

“I believe that CEOs and leaders must lead through change with a combination of purposeful leadership, broad engagement, intentional diversity of perspective, focused sustainability, with a goal of creating a high-performing, healthy, and agile organizational culture.” She added, “I am executing on our mission and achieving our objectives as an organization, we are expanding options for voters to participate in our democracy, and we’re growing as an organization and encouraging individual growth for team members while contributing to improving our world and communities.”

She added it is important to be agile, be curious, be creative in solving challenges, and be intentional in your purpose.

“Stay true to yourself, take risks, let your values guide your work and use your voice and influence to create more opportunities and access for all people to create lasting change within your organization or field,” McReynolds said.

It is obvious why Titan of industry McReynolds has our vote.

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Amber co-wrote the book When Women Vote. When Women Vote highlights the challenges Americans, particularly women, face in the current voting process and the amazing things that happen with reform.