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Michael Mitchell Mmp Living 1

Mike Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer

MMP Living

Location: Westminster, CO

Founded: 2008

Industry: Retail & eCom Services

Mike Mitchell is no stranger to working hard. After more than 25 years in the catalog and retail arena, he sought to utilize his expertise in online retail to enhance the worldwide Amazon Marketplace. After partnering with George McMahon, the two established MMP Living, a retail and eCom services business with revenues surpassing $50 million.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Mitchell is known as a visionary and a leader who works alongside his staff. “We bootstrapped this business,” he said. “We have no debt and have maintained a consistent staff while helping companies all over the world understand their brands and become successful.”

MMP originated in 2008 with the intent of building a customer-driven, product-focused online retail experience within the Amazon marketplace. By 2011, Mitchell and his team solidified their global presence by expanding throughout Europe and adding an office in Dublin. By 2014, MMP Living furthered its international network, launching business in Canada and Japan.

“Throughout our growth, we’ve stayed true to the cornerstone of our business – to provide the best customer service,” said Mitchell.

MMP Living has also focused on expanding within the U.S. The company is one of the largest toy, pet and housewares category sellers on Amazon and the 49th largest across all categories worldwide.

“Our reputation has made us leaders in the Amazon space,” said Mitchell. “We understand the opportunities and challenges of managing and maintaining a brand within the fast-growing world of e-commerce.”

As a result, Mitchell said the team’s experience, expertise and reach allow them to navigate and support suppliers and vendors across the globe. Mitchell regularly presents at Amazon events, offers input on retail trends and has even been involved in creating intern programs at local universities.

“Our goal is to help more brands manage their complete eCom strategy, continue to expand globally and build out into new marketplaces,” he said.

Mitchell plans to stay true to his own values moving forward with his business while also continuing to help others do the same. As a leader, his greatest lesson learned is to be honest and consistent, which is why he plans to “stay connected with market leaders and add value where I can” going forward.

Mitchell’s success, drive and dedication to the eCom industry is what has earned him a spot as a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Mike met his wife coaching soccer at a kids summer camp in Maine.


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