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Logan Chierotti Physician S Choice 1

Logan Chierotti

Chief Executive Officer

Physician's Choice

Location: Wheat Ridge, CO

Founded: 2017

Industry: Health & Wellness

A prime example of a true entrepreneur, Logan Chierotti knows the value of following your intuition, taking risks and building a strong team. An exemplar of perseverance in motion, Chierotti has always generated prosperity.

From his first business venture at age 20, Chierotti built and sold three companies by his 40th birthday. Beginning with a real estate website, Chierotti went on to build and sell a franchise business and a reputation management firm prior to starting Physician’s Choice in 2017. Now CEO of Physician’s Choice, he has turned his supplement company into the fastest growing supplement brand on Amazon. Within three years he has led the company to $50 million in sales.

And for those who know Chierotti, it is not surprising.

A continual student of self-education, Chierotti is described by many as a leader who leads by example and hard work. Chierotti has stayed focused and driven and is an advocate for the benefits of natural supplements. He was able to help disrupt the professional-grade supplement industry and bring quality products to more people at an affordable cost, following an eCommerce-only model.

“We sell supplements like ashwagandha, probiotics, collagen and biotin directly to consumers through a brand website. This is a different way to do it,” Chierotti said. “Some other supplement manufacturers sell through a middleman, like vitamin store chains.” He explained, “The model Physician’s Choice uses is called “direct to consumer” or DTC, while the other is “business to consumer” or B2C.”

By focusing on quality products at fair prices, Chierottis utilization of the DTC model has made Physician’s Choice an on-going success.

“We are on pace to hit $100 million in sales in under three years,” Chierotti said. He added, “The company recently expanded and now additionally sells its supplements on Walmart.com.”

Chierotti has built an exceptional leadership team and created an organization where everyone believes in the mission: to ensure everyone has access to safe, high-quality supplements that actually work. According to Chierotti, all innovative products that Physician’s Choice produces are science-backed and always third-party tested for potency and purity.

“No frills, no fillers, no flash — just simple, effective supplements for all,” he said. “Our philosophy is as simple and clear as our ingredients. If we wouldn’t take it, we would not make it.”

Logan has been featured in Inc.com and Grow Wire, and is an Inc.com author. A firm believer that you can accomplish anything with determination and persistence. Chierotti says that helping and connecting with other industry leaders is the key to continuous business growth.

“It’s so important to have a clear mission and a transparent culture,” he said. “That can make all the difference.”

For his proven track record and leading the direct-to-consumer industry of natural supplements, this successful serial entrepreneur has been named a Titan 100.

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Fun Fact:

Logan has 2 kids, he is a Colorado native and loves everything about Colorado including hiking and fly fishing.


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